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Feb. 25, 2022

SINGLE LAYER grow tent trellis netting is designed to spread out plants so that light can penetrate the canopy, increasing lateral growth. It can also be used in flowering to support fruits & buds;

HEAVY DUTY ELASTIC MESH NETTING - Durable & flexible to accommodate multiple indoor grow tent sizes including 4x4 4x2 & 5x5. Use stakes in outdoor garden. Metal hooks provide for solid anchor points to poles;

MULTI-USE APPLICATIONS: Can be used as a trellis for potted plants, vines, grapes, fruits & vegetables either in an indoor garden or outdoors using stakes;

INSTALLATION is Easy:Simply stretch each corner hook to your tent poles or stakes and adjust height from there. Elastic material allows grower to setup with ease;

trellis net detail.jpg

Reusable, Versatile Trellis: Soft, yet heavy-duty, this netting helps plants climb to a smooth surface and will last for a couple of years;

Cut to Any Size: This netting comes in size 5 x 30 ft. , making it easy to cut to the appropriate size for your garden;

Save Space: Expand upward; Direct your plants by weaving the netting around poles or bamboo sticks for a quick, extremely sturdy trellis that will hold the weight of your plant;

Square Mesh: Designed with 6 x 6 inch holes, the netting leaves enough room to reach through, prune, and pick; Use it for tomatoes, peas, cucumber, beans, or any plant that needs support;

Easy to Install: Simply wrap and tie the netting around any stable structure or support, it can be used for A-frame, horizontal, and vertical growth;

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