How to use shade net correctly?

Aug. 24, 2021

When growing vegetables, farmers usually use a number of ways to avoid adverse conditions, often using shade nets for plants, which can reduce the temperature in hot climates. The correct way is as follows.

How to use shade net correctly?cid=191

1. Choose the right shade net for plants

The market is usually black and green two colors of plant sunshade net. Black shading net has high shading rate and good cooling effect, but it has a great influence on photosynthesis. It is more suitable for leafy vegetables, so the mulching time should be reduced if used for some vegetables that like light. As the cooling effect is not as good as that of black, green plant sunshade net has less effect on plant photosynthesis, so it can be used for sunshade vegetables such as solanaceae vegetables.

2, the correct use of plant sunshade net

The cover way of sunshade net has full cover and bower type cover two kinds. However, in the practical application process, the bower type covering is used more because of its better cooling effect and free ventilation. The specific method is: cover the sunshade net with the arch shed skeleton above, and leave a 60-80 cm breathable belt above. If covered with film, for plants that cannot be directly covered with film, a gap of more than 20 cm should be left for air cooling and sunscreen mesh.

3. Avoid covering plants with sunshade nets all day

Although the shade net can reduce the temperature, it also reduces the light intensity, which has a negative effect on the photosynthesis of vegetables. So the coverage time is also very important, according to the temperature between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. When the temperature drops to 30℃, the sunshade can be removed. To minimize the adverse effect on vegetables, do not cover on cloudy days.

How to use shade net correctly?cid=191

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How to use shade net correctly?cid=191

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