Use a weed control cloth to avoid the time and effort required to remove grass in the long term

Jun. 24, 2022

Manual weeding will cause a burden on the waist, and herbicides also have a great impact on the human body or soil. Also, either manual weeding or herbicides must be implemented on a regular basis. Where weeds grow, straw mats or iron plates are generally laid to prevent the spread of weeds. But the straw mat rots quickly; the iron plate is also difficult to work because of its heavy weight. The use of weeding cloth can greatly reduce the time consumption because it is easy and durable to lay.

Weeding cloths are sold by many manufacturers in a variety of prices and sizes. When choosing among these many types of grass-proof cloth, be sure to confirm the following five points.

. shading

. penetration resistance

. water permeability

. Durability

. Constructability

Use a weed control cloth to avoid the time and effort required to remove grass in the long term

The source of life to cut off weeds - sunlight

Shading is an important element of weeding cloth.

In order to prevent the penetration resistance of the weeding cloth from being penetrated, even if the sunlight is successfully blocked to prevent the plant from photosynthesis, if the plant penetrates the weed-proof cloth, it will still photosynthesize above the weed-proof cloth.

If the penetration resistance of the weeding cloth is too weak, it will be easily punctured. This resistance to penetration is called penetration resistance. Weeding cloth needs to have very strong penetration resistance.

water must be able to penetrate

The grass-proof cloth with good shading and penetration resistance successfully suppresses weeds, but allows weeds to take root and germinate on the grass-proof cloth, which is completely putting the cart before the horse.

A strong judo master has both super strength that can resist the opponent's strength, and softness that can resolve the opponent's strength. Weeding cloth is also the same, pursues the strength that can perfectly suppress weeds, and the softness that can fully penetrate water.

There is no point in suppressing weed growth in the long term

Another important factor when choosing a weeding cloth is durability.

Whether the grass-proof cloth has the durability commensurate with the cost is a must when choosing a grass-proof cloth.

Overweight grass-proof cloth is not suitable for construction

Grass-proof cloth has a variety of appearances due to the construction method, and of course the weight will vary from time to time due to the construction method. When the weight is too heavy, it is difficult to operate, and construction becomes troublesome. Therefore, the excellent constructability, that is, the weight of the grass-proof cloth should be lighter, is also an important consideration in choosing the grass-proof cloth.

Use a weed control cloth to avoid the time and effort required to remove grass in the long term

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