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Why choose shade sail

Feb. 07, 2023

Outdoor sunshade products are mainly shade sails, parasols and awnings. Awnings are generally suitable for large areas of sunshade, while parasols are suitable for small areas of shade. Both are relatively common. Shade sails are used for shading in swimming pools, outdoor cafes, scenic spots, etc.


Today we mainly introduce the sunshade sails. Due to the different shade areas,

Shade sails can be divided into light shade sails and heavy shade sails. According to the shape of the shade sail, it can be divided into triangle shade sail, right angle triangle shade sail, square shade sail and rectangular shade sail.



When choosing a shade sail, the most important thing is to choose the shade cloth. The texture of the shade cloth must be tough and strong enough, strong enough, and have a high degree of UV protection. Shade sails need to be used outdoors all year round, and must have sufficient air permeability and toughness after being exposed to wind and sun. Most shade sails start to break from the corners. Hebei Tuohua is better at this point. Hebei Tuohua has more than 20 years of export experience. Every corner of its customized sunshade sail contains double-layer safety belts, which is the strongest among similar products. of.



Secondly, the aesthetics of the shade sail is also very important, after all, everyone's current aesthetic needs must be met. The common shapes of sunshade sails are triangles, squares, and rectangles, which are relatively regular. In terms of color, it mainly depends on the overall match with the house and the user's personal preference. Ruby red and blue shade sails are more popular.

Last but not least are the components of the shade sail. The components are generally more and more delicate, and the installation of the sunshade sail is also a delicate job.


Generally speaking, if you have a family swimming pool or a family with a relatively large yard, you can consider installing a shade sail. First, it can be closer to nature, and second, it can avoid being burned by ultraviolet rays. In your spare time, it is also a good choice to invite friends to have an afternoon tea under the sunshade sail, chat and play games!

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