Tuohua ground cover cloth manufacturer

Nov. 28, 2022

The ground cover fabric is realized in 100% polypropylene UV stabilized, and is extremely resistant.

It’s mostly employed in the nursery’s, in the greenhouses or on the flower-beds to avoid the budding of undesired vegetations.

It permit the cooling of the ground, has a good permeability to the water and prevents the passage of the solar beams.

The grids of the woven, simplify the alignment of plants and pots.

We also have nails and metal forks for fixing the fabric to the ground.

-UV stabilized to ensure long-lasting durability.

-Different standard fabric weights.

-Resistant to mold and bacterial attack.

-Allows air and moisture to pass through.

-Easy to install and clean.

 Tuohua ground cover cloth manufacturer

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